Friday, August 28, 2015

Out In Front: Wrap-up of Most Things Giants Farm System

It's another grace period from me (another string of holiday and weekend and the quizzes have just passed by) and I think it's time to run another round of Out In Front but this time, I will not talk about a specific thing or two (because Jordan Johnson thing was yesterday (not literally)) and instead, I'll do this new post like it's Something Extra, tidbits of information like you want to make a fruit salad with all of the fruits inside and out the refrigerator but expect that you'll read good thoughts from me in this one. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scouting Report for the 2015 Giants Part 9: Johnson & Johnson

After not doing this thing for more than a month, I'm back to the thing that I really love, scouting prospects! I finally have some time to do this thing without a lot of school-related stuff to hinder me from doing it. I'm telling you, I'm missing just watching a flurry of videos, reading other reports from a lot of established sources like from FG, BA and and a lot of other minor and major blogs and websites, and doing a little bit of think tanking myself to say my opinion about the prospects that I am making a scouting report on. It took me almost a full day just to scout 2 people because I want to make sure that I want to be accurate and to assure the readers are getting the best information that they can get. 

I could say my scouting reports this year have come a long way from just scouting the top prospects to scouting some diamonds in the rough and the always underdogs of prospects in the system. It's been to part 9 now and I'll be talking about Chase Johnson and Jordan Johnson, a couple of righty pitchers that are making buzz in the Giants prospect hounds and even minor league communities. If you forgot how I do stuff in scouting, check on my previous scouting reports and I put their FG profiles if you click their names and the 20-80 scale that's pretty much the standard grading system for prospects. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

An Announcement From Wrenzie

Good day, citizens of the Internet and readers of my blog. First of all, thank you for your patronage and for giving positive feedbacks on my blog! I apologize for not been updating my blog and giving out scouting stuff and other good information for all of you. It's the start of the academic year in the university (which is well-known here in my country) and the professors are already giving us schoolworks and my schedule doesn't allow me to write up the way that I want. I will reduce my involvement in my blog to give more time for my studies (Mr. ogc said that studies are more important!) but I am still giving myself time to update myself in what's happening in the Minors and the Giants overall. I will still devote time to write up scouting reports though I will publish it in a longer time that I liked. I hope you good people keep on reading my blog and to still give feedbacks whether positive or negative. Thank you once again!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Top 30 Prospects of the Giants in 2015

I decided to make the full Top 30 Prospect List for the Giants in lieu to the top 30 prospects made by, Cove Chatter, and GiantsProspectTalk on Twitter. I thought that making a full list and not just a Top 10 would be the best way possible to really compare and dictate the prospects because even though the cream of the crop are all set, the rest of the crops are still important and there are possibilities that they are rising in terms of their stock or value. I remember when the farmers here are not wasting anything that they can still harvest even though the monsoon season reek havoc on their crops because they are still important. 

I'll do this Top 30 some sort of a Twitter style. Short, compact but solid thoughts about the prospects that I'll rank. There's a lot of prospects to choose from and I kind of hate ranking prospects because honestly, I would prefer a big board where I'll throw in the prospects that I like in here and you'll be the judge, just like the thought process in terms of the Draft. But I'll do this ranking to help you guys where I project the prospect's value for us. It is separated by tiers so that if you ever have problems with ranking prospects like I do, tiers can really help to differentiate the quality of the prospects and you can ignore the numberings altogether and just rely on the tiers.

I am writing this article actually just before the Trade Deadline and I am ranking Mella as the number 5 prospect and Duvall as the number 21 prospect before being traded. Now that it's now past the Deadline and they are just the prospects who got traded, it made me easier to just move up guys up the list.

I know there will be agreements and disagreements on my rankings but I made this Top 30 with all of the factors (age, floor versus ceiling, development curve, the feel to perform, performance this year) that I consider for ranking prospects. And just like what I always do, FanGraphs profiles will open for most of the prospects and for the select few prospects that I find their FG profiles really shady.

If you want to see who are the prospect risers and fallers this season, come check this really good post from Shankbone's blog and I will move some of the prospects that I listed in the top 10+10 before for the latest update. If you want to see a better introduction or overview of the Top 30, check out Mr. CoveChatter's introduction on his Top 30 before he takes his blog down and return to his original site. If you want day-to-day updates and the daily status of Giants prospects, DrB's everyday blog post is hands down the best in the business.

Finally, here's my ever expanding Scouting Reports series if you want to see my full thoughts on most of the prospects mentioned below and you could see my other previous posts of Something Extra for additional thoughts. 

Part 1 for Arroyo, Beede and Mejia
Part 2 for Mella (now traded), Okert and Santos
Part 3 for Blackburn, Garcia and Tomlinson
Part 4 for Blach, Marshall and Miller
Part 5 for Cole, Fargas and Williamson
Part 6 for Fox
Part 8 for Coonrod, Duvall (now traded), and Webb
Special Part for Crick