Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Top 30 Pre-All Star Break Update

Hello folks! This will be the update of my top 30 prospect list that I conjured in my mid-season special. There have been quite a movement in quite a short time where re-evaluations now that the initial returns in the Arizona League have arrived and that the international amateur free agents have now signed. There are also teeny weeny blurbs that I want to say on every prospect.

I do not know where to rank Dereck Rodriguez now that he is holding his own in the Giants rotation. I have considered ranking him in the mid-season special but I do not know where to put him because his age is not really his friend relative to MLB and his stuff doesn't really wow you individually but he got some kind of moxie and good feel for his craft that he could stay in the big league rotation for the rest of the season and possibly hold down a rotation spot next year. Really tricky situation for Pudge's son. I know I should have listed him but I do not know if it is too late for that.