Saturday, January 7, 2017

Important Announcement

Hello, kind reader! I will be joining the's Giants Farm for the 2017 season and hopefully beyond, covering prospects and sorts. I will be posting my Offseason Primer there and more. You can catch me on the site with the other great people that will join me (looks like I'm the first guy accepted in their vacancy) on the team along with Jason Burke. 

You might be worried about the future of this blog. Don't worry good friend, I'll still be around here as I will post a copy of my Scout content here in my blog as well as other posts that I might want to post that I personally want to post here. I will still be active here. I'll just going to be like trying to balance two things. This blog served me well thanks to you kind people. I hope that you patronize the content that I will post at Scout just like how you patronize my content here for more than a year! 

Scouting Reports for the 2016 Giants: Richmond Flying Squirrels Prospects

Hello everyone! I'm slowly closing in on the prospect reports as after this, it will be the Sacto reports and that should be it. I'll deliver the Draft part 2 after the reports and the offseason primer should be the last one for the offseason as I will be focused once again on studies. 

Richmond is a very talented team as some of the very best prospects in the organization are in this team and I know you readers will love it. I think there are some prospects that I missed that are not registered in the roster so if you notice someone missing, I hope you can comment it. You might see that Dan Slania will be on the list ebcause the last time I checked, his latest pitching performance is at Sacramento. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the report!