Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Top Prospects of the San Francisco Giants in 2015: Tier 1

Welcome to the top prospects of the San Francisco Giants. 

You might notice that I didn't wrote Top 30 or whatever, it's because I hate rankings. I already told before that I really hate ranking prospects and having them organized in a numbered fashion. It just doesn't do them justice for me. Some are going to say that I ranked a guy too high or too low so I will use the idea of tiers. It's not because I'm playing it safe and I don't want criticisms, but this is for you guys to rank them on your own. I prefer a big board of prospects to choose from, given their different tools and talents and some prospects are just so hard to rank so I'll put them on the same tier because there are guys that are just a cut above in terms of ceiling, learning curve, and immediate impact. There might be more than 30 that will have that same impact, there will be less. The point of Tiers is to segregate them with my own judgement.

Instead of generating my own numbers and formulas, I will use the unbelievable amount of information from, FG, BP, and other information sites and together with my own scouting remarks and judgements, I hope I can do justice on why I rank them on the Tier that they truly deserve. I believe that the perfect marriage of scouting and analytics is the best way to run a team. I hope you enjoy reading. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Offseason Primer

Now that the Minor League season has drawn to a close, it's time to look forward to the offseason. This might be the most boring and long part of the year for us but for me, it's a time where we can have inner peace, evaluate the prospects performance this year, and there's literally no rush in rushing things to get published especially that I'm virtually being inactive on my blog for quite long stretches. I haven't been reading a lot of Giants blogs lately because of the study constraints (my grades are doing really well) but when I have time, I take a good amount of it to read on great works from fellow Giants bloggers that I look up to and their stuff is the best in terms of quality in comparison to other team's blogs that I saw before.

This year, the San Francisco Giants farm system had another solid year, from shelling out good contributors to the Giants this year like Chris Heston, Josh Osich, Ehire Adrianza (I know a few are still pretty salty about him) and other rookies. In the farm system, there are a lot of positive points that I will mention like the emergence of Tyler Beede as a true top prospect to build on, Christian Arroyo's hit tool finally showing in the stat sheet, breakout performances from Sam Coonrod, Chase Johnson, Jordan Johnson and Hunter Cole, the strong first impression of the 2015 draftees especially Chris Shaw and Phil Bickford, the arrival of Lucius Fox and there's more positives that I didn't mention. On the not so good side, there are a few like the fall of Kyle Crick, the early season slump of Aramis Garcia, the injury Gustavo Cabrera sustained early in the AZL season and others that I forgot. I will touch up on the things that I mentioned in the Top 30 or more Prospects that I'll do in the offseason that I hope you'll find informative and entertaining to read. I plan to justify some points regarding stuff that each top prospect that needs to be pointed out. Overall, the depth of the farm is better than what it was last year, with more exciting prospects to watch for next season. 

This primer is designed to make the reader get an overview of the topics and hints of the future works that I hopefully will do. I hope you also find the Minor League season really entertaining like I do and I hope you continue to support my hobby as a blogger for the Giants. I am having fun with the first couple months of blogging and I am really flattered as well as humbled by the amount of support and positive remarks that I receive since I started in June. Thank you very much!