Sunday, June 19, 2016

Scouting Reports for the 2016 Giants Part 2: Howard, Krook, Quinn + Something Extra

Good day to everyone and it's time for some scouting reports! This time, it will be the recent signees in the 2016 draft class for the Giants, shortstop prospect Ryan Howard, lefty pitcher Matt Krook and outfielder Heath Quinn. For those who don't know it, Howard is a 5th rounder from Missouri, Krook is a 4th rounder from Oregon but a Giants fan growing up and Quinn is the 3rd round pick from Samford. If you have missed it, I already did a rough scouting report on the three and other 2nd day selections here and I want to focus on the three because first, they have already agreed to a contract with the Giants and second, I think that they have a good shot to be valuable contributors for the big league club in the near future. Enough chatting, it's time for the scouting.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 MLB Draft: Reactions on the Giants' Day 2 Draft

Most of the people will probably stop following the MLB Draft in Day 2 because most of the top dogs of the draft class have been drafted in the first day and second day is not as exciting to follow compared to the first due to the speed of the draft and the number of the picks. I'm not the kind of person. For me, the second day is the make or break of the draft class for any team. Many of the stars today came from the rounds 3-10 of the draft and many jewels and diamonds in the rough are really found there. It is the test for the local area scouts of each teams to deliver the unheard of guy and persuade the front office.  It is also a great time to load up on fallen prospects that may want big money and play with the budget.

For the Giants, all of the players drafted were college prospects, mainly pitchers and outfielders. John Barr and his staff have done a great job in picking players that have seemed to have fallen in their laps. Below is my reaction and a short scouting report for the drafted players of the Giants from rounds 3-10.

Friday, June 10, 2016

2016 MLB Draft: God Gave the Giants Bryan Reynolds

It seems like fate, destiny or whatever that the Giants, with just one pick in the first day of the 2016 MLB Draft and it's at number 59, drafted Bryan Reynolds, an outfielder from Vanderbilt. Of all the prospects available at that the time when the Giants are on the clock, it has to be him. Listed as number 2 in the top Cape Cod League prospects by, Reynolds was listed at number 8 in the 2016 MLB Draft preseason list and thought that there's zero chance that the Giants will ever get a taste, not even a lick, of him. As the college baseball season progressed, it's becoming clearer and clearer that he'll not be in contention with the Giants so he is off of my mind as a potential Giants pick. But at the time of the draft itself, Reynolds continues to slip in the draft in reasons unknown and it is becoming clearer and clearer that the Giants will draft him after 58 picks.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wrenzie's Final Giants Draft Big Board

The 52nd MLB First-Year Player Draft is just less than 24 hours away and a lot of people are anticipating for it. The top of the order is still a mess as there's no consensus 1-1 player in this year's draft class but the strength of this year's draft is the depth of it, not on the top prospects. 

For the Giants, there's a lot to like in terms of their position in the 2nd and 3rd round even though the allotted bonus pool for the organization is the 4th worst in MLB as well as having just $1,090,000 for pick 59 and $625,900 for pick 95. Picks 59 and 95 allows them to pick the first-round talents that have fallen off the draft and are ready to be plucked. They can also pick relatively unknown prospects or somewhat unexpected for them to pick because of their recent draft trends. If they are picking straight up, I can see them pick up a college performer, most probably a pitcher or an outfielder on their top 2 picks or they can sandwich in a solid infielder in replacement of a pitcher. I would love them to front-load their budget towards picking a HS outfielder as the HS OF class that surrounds their picks are exciting while having some solid floors. The college scene is not bad either.

Below are my favorite picks, most probably picks and possibly 1-2 combos for the rounds 2 and 3. I will not going to go very deep in the draft picks as the Giants have much more coverage in that than I do. Enjoy!