Thursday, April 7, 2016

OIF: Interview with Steven Duggar

In this edition of Out In Front, I have the chance to interview Steven Duggar, the 6th round pick in the 2015 draft. He will play for the San Jose Giants in his first professional season. The interview was actually scheduled almost a week before today, right around the end of the spring training camp. Unfortunately due to conflicts in schedule, the date was pushed back but thankfully, the interview got through. I had a lot of fun talking to him about stuff and I hope that the topics in the interview will be informative and insightful.

Transcript that's already edited is below:

Wrenzie: First of all, thank you for having the time. How's the ST for you since it's your first full season of pro ball?
Duggar: Spring training was great. It was an opportunity to get back into the swing of things and really just enjoy seeing everyone after the long offseason!

W: Speaking of offseason, how did you manage the time off? I heard from others that college offseason is much different from the offseason once you got pro.
D: Just took the first month to get my body back underneath me and then jumped right back into it. Took some time away from home to spend out in Santa Barbara California working with peak performance project aka P3. Science based workout facility that has done wonders for me so far heading into the season!

W: Great stuff there, Steven. I see that you have made changes in your swing based on videos in the camp. Can you walk me through that?
D: Yea I've made a few different changes to try to be more consistent. ST was a good time to put those changes to use and get it ready for the season!

W: Let's talk about the draft day. What was the feeling when the Giants selected you?
D: It was really special man. It was an amazing feeling knowing I was coming to such a well respected organization and a championship culture.

W: What was the feeling getting your first taste of pro ball last year in Salem-Keizer as well as a short stint in San Jose? How did you handle the post season nerves in SJ or is there any nervousness at all?
D: It was a great experience starting out in Salem and enjoying the times with my teammates. It was a great first year and now I'm really looking forward to helping this San Jose club. I think we have the makings of being a championship team.

W: Does it help that most of the buddies that you have played with in S-K last year will be in the same league as you are this year?
D: It's definitely going to be a great team with great chemistry. We are definitely going to have fun.

W: Based on the number that you have put on last year esp. your walk rates, you have a very good eye at the plate. In the batter's box, what is your main game plan?
D: Just to have an approach and a game plan before I get into the box. Once Im in there, Im just ready for the fastball and reacting to what I see.

W: Do you have plans to incorporate more power during games this year?
D: I think it's something that just comes with time. You can't go force it or you'll end up getting yourself out. I have worked on putting myself in a position to hit for more power and strike the baseball hard but you can't force that.

W: Great point there. I know people have expectations on this draft class but what do you expect from yourself this year after all that you have done in the offseason?
D: You know I think everyone has personal goals, but something buster posey said to me about doing what it takes to help the team win, your numbers will take care of themselves and I think that stuck with me pretty good.

W: I love that. I think this is it for the interview with you today. I will post this in my blog sometime tomorrow so if you have a final message for the Giants fans who will read this, it is the time.
D: I just wanna say Im grateful to all of you who support the giant family and organization. It's an honor to put on this uniform and play in front of the best fans in all of sports.

W: Thank you once again Steven for having the time for the interview and I hope that you will do well this season and I hope to talk to you again!

-End of transcript-

*updated transcript*

W: Hey Steven, I forgot to ask this in the interview because of the time constraints that I have and I know opening day is today so if you can answer this one, I am very grateful. The question is this: You have a very impressive speed in the bases as well as in the outfield (I've watched your great diving play in the S-K playoffs) but you have not seem to tally the stolen bases. Did you put on work to improve on stealing bases and being more aggressive? Thank you!
D: Yes I actually did work on that. I've been stagnant at first because of my setup. Now I'm a little more relaxed and freed up so I can get much better first jumps!


  1. Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed hearing from Duggar, and his answers to your informed questions, nice job! i hope these interviews will be a regular feature that you can do, if you have the time.

    1. Thank you for liking it Mr. ogc! I hope I can interview more prospects. He's cool and a great guy to talk to! He's a welcoming person and he answered the questions with honesty. He's actually having dinner while I interviewed him so it was very humbling and happy that we still managed to have this!