Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Training Opinions Part 1

Hello! It's been a bit since I have posted. I have been particularly been busy watching the draft prospect performances online as well as WBC in my free time so I haven't really take a real deep look at the Spring Training games until lately. Here are my first opinions on the recent prospect performances in Spring.

- Spring has been very well for the top two prospects in the organization, Tyler Beede and Christian Arroyo. Highly praised by the Giants brass, they have put up very solid performances but I can see that Bobby Evans and the crew will not push the two too quickly unless it's the last option especially with Beede. I expect them to be ready enough for the big leagues in the second half of the season, with Beede probably being called up for a spot start. 

In the video that Beede started that I watched, looks like he's gaining more confidence in his curveball because I haven't seen a changeup that he thrown based on its movement or the camera angle is just bad for tracking ball movement. 

- The left field battle between Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson are going to the wire as both players are worthy to play for that spot not just in matchup situations but for the season-long run. I think that Parker will win the spot in the end but both will be in the Major League roster. 

- Many considered Kyle Crick as the biggest winner of the prospects this Spring. When I read that the Giants will make Crick a reliever full-time, the only words that I thought are ABOUT DAMN TIME! I have been probably one of Crick's biggest critics and one of the biggest advocates for the Crick to bullpen movement before it was cool. From the videos that I watched, he's still opting to pitch to his windup and that's okay as long as he can locate in the zone. His delivery is also tamer than what it was before. He might still be incorporating the lessons that he learned when he started for Richmond last year so he might be looking to throw his fastball and slider more willingly than ever. Here's to hoping that his reliever stint will be a success this season as he just needs to find some peace and calm.

- Short thought about Steven Duggar. The guy's a legitimate on base machine. While his swing will not look like to drive baseballs out of the ballpark anytime soon but I expect his base stealing to improve this season now that the legendary steals machine Vince Coleman took time to teach the prospects how to steal bases better. I expect his stolen base percentage to improve and I hope that he fully taps on his plus-plus raw speed. 

- Coonrod might be looking at a reliever role anytime soon. His breaking ball this Spring is the same breaking ball that I have seen from him last season. Moronta's slider looks like a Major League out pitch with more seasoning. 

- The fifth starter competition looks like Blach's to lose with Matt Cain struggling this Spring. Blach is having a very solid spring in terms of the numbers and his command has been as expected. I might be wrong on that since there's a lot of Cain fans in the front office, but having to start Blach and making Cain the long man off the bullpen is the best option in my opinion. 

I shall post a new thoughts on the prospects since tons of prospects have been sent down and the Spring Training Minor League games will start today Eastern time and I will share my thoughts on that (and that should be a ton). Regarding the River Cats scouting reports, I will have it done in the end of the week and it should be pretty good. I don't have a lot planned at the start of the season so I'll probably hit up another draft post and thoughts on the early season performances of the prospects. I hope you enjoy reading!

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