Saturday, January 7, 2017

Scouting Reports for the 2016 Giants: Richmond Flying Squirrels Prospects

Hello everyone! I'm slowly closing in on the prospect reports as after this, it will be the Sacto reports and that should be it. I'll deliver the Draft part 2 after the reports and the offseason primer should be the last one for the offseason as I will be focused once again on studies. 

Richmond is a very talented team as some of the very best prospects in the organization are in this team and I know you readers will love it. I think there are some prospects that I missed that are not registered in the roster so if you notice someone missing, I hope you can comment it. You might see that Dan Slania will be on the list ebcause the last time I checked, his latest pitching performance is at Sacramento. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the report!

Christian Arroyo  SS
6'1" 180 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to Roger Munter and Adam Hayes

The body: Compact body with filled out legs and torso, strong build, offers none to little projection, average raw power.

The swing: Beautiful hitter to watch; quiet stance in the box, slightly wide stance, slightly crouched but torso stays vertical, hands in head level; utilizes many tools to load his lower half from a leg kick to step forward, hands load well during leg kick and stays back throughout, pushes his momentum forward; line drive swing, strong wrists produces plus bat speed, tremendous eye-hand combination, produces loud contact while making contact on unhittable pitches, has good eye and pitch recognition but makes too much contact that it hurts his walk totals, utilizes all fields, has pull power but will be more of a doubles hitter; follow through is very good, gets out of the box quickly.

The other tools: Below average speed but runs hard on the bases, will not be a base stealing threat; arm is good with good carry on the throws, impressive body control and playable at shortstop but lack of range will limit him to 3B.

The bottom line: Arroyo's combination of eyes, hands, and wrists makes him one of the best hitting prospects in the Minors. Even though he's limited to the hot corner and doesn't have much power there, his bat will do the talking in the Majors.

Grades (Current): Hit 50+ | Power 35 | Speed 45 | Arm 55 | Glove 40
Grades (Ceiling): Hit 60 | Power 50 | Speed 45 | Arm 55 | Glove 50
Grades (Probable): Hit 60 | Power 45 | Speed 40 | Arm 55 | Glove 50

Ceiling: Above-average regular     Floor: Everyday player/bench guy     ETA: 2018

Tyler Beede  RHP
6'4" 230 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to Adam Hayes and Alec Dopp

The body: Prototypical pitcher's frame; thick torso and legs, broad and sloping shoulders; innings eater body that's already filled out; athletic actions.

The mechanics: Textbook overall mechanics, slight drop and drive delivery, nice body control althroughout, very repeatable; utilizes a semi-windup with a big but slow leg kick, has good balance at the peak of the leg kick, closes his body, hands and the front leg dips before breaking his hands and starts his drive; loads on the backside well in his drive, uses the back leg to drive, front body slightly crouched, whole body stays closed, slight body tilt, smooth arm action, long extension, drives directly towards the plate; tremendous hip-shoulder separation, good hip explosion, good arm speed, high 3/4 release point, fingers stays on top of the ball, one of the best finishes and follow through from a pitching prospect.

The stuff: Low to mid-90s fastball that can reach high-90s, has great ability to reach back even at high pitch counts, good sinking action, downhill plane plays well, prefers low-90s sinkers but has swing and miss ability high in the zone; high-80s cutter that resembles a mini-slider sometimes, good late cut, generates weak contact and swing and miss well; mid-80s changeup with split-like movement, true swing and miss pitch, potential plus pitch; potential plus power curveball in the 80s with sharp, slightly sweeping break, has better control and break late in the season; repeatable mechanics screams for above average potential command.

The bottom line: Beede has turned himself to a potential innings eater with very good stuff, contol and baseball instincts. There's still some polish needed in terms of breaking ball consistency but everything is on track for a good Major League career.

Grades (Current): FB 60 | CUT 50 | CH 50+ | CB 50+ | CMD 45 
Grades (Ceiling): FB 65 | CUT 55 | CH 60 | CB 60+ | CMD 55
Grades (Probable): FB 65 | CB 55 | CH 60 | CB 60 | CMD 50+

Ceiling: #2-3 Starter    Floor: #3-4 Starter    ETA: 2017/2018

Hunter Cole OF
6'1" 190 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to and Roger Munter 1 and 2

The body: Lean frame but strong and athletic, offers projection but doesn't look like he'll add more, tick above average raw power.

The swing: Loose in the box, fairly wide stance with his hands close to his body at letters level, bat touches his body, slightly crouched; has a small leg kick or double toe tap to load, bat stays loose, above average bat speed with strong wrists, line drive swing but drives baseballs, direct to the ball approach, swings and misses a lot due to being a free swinger, doesn't have a good eye at the plate, doesn't really draw walks often, good weight transfer on his swing, raw power plays well with hit tool but tapping on it consistently is a problem.

The other tools: Average speed but will not be a base stealing threat, strong arm and good range fits well in either corner outfield spots, has developing defensive instincts.

The bottom line: Cole is a terrific athlete and an all around type prospect limited with his swings and misses and how much contact he'll make.

Grades (Current): Hit 35 | Power 40 | Speed 45 | Arm 55 | Glove 40
Grades (Ceiling): Hit 45 | Power 50 | Speed 45 | Arm 55 | Glove 50
Grades (Probable): Hit 35+ | Power 50 | Speed 45 | Arm 55 | Glove 45

Ceiling: Bench bat    Floor: AAAA OF     ETA: 2018

6'2" 225 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to minorleaguebaseball and Mike Ashmore

The body: Big frame that looks capable of eating large amount of innings, big torso and thighs, no projection remaining.

The mechanics: Similar mechanics to Tommy Hanson, has struggles repeating it, still needs work especially on having his back foot stay in the rubber for a longer time; semi-windup, taps the glove with the ball during his leg kick; loose arm action that exhibits some power T in it, tall and fall type of drive, body is closed during his drive, dislodges his back foot early in his drive, hides the ball well in his body, slight crossfire that shows his hips early; good hip-shoulder separation due to crossfire, good arm speed, elbow above the shoulder line at front foot strike, high 3/4 release point, can get around his body often affecting his command, falls off to the first base side often.

The stuff: Low-90s plus fastball with great horizontal movement and some sink, four-seamer can reach mid-90s and has life high in the zone, best looking secondary pitch is curveball at mid to high-70s with good sharp break but command is inconsistent, mid-80s slider flashes sharp break but flattens out to a mini-slider often, changeup in the mid-80s is below-average, delivery slows down when throwing the pitch; can control the zone but has trouble locating his offspeed pitches consistently, average at best command.

The bottom line: Coonrod has the sinker and the body to generate outs and handle good innings but his spotty command especially in his pretty underwhelming secondaries limits his chances of being a rotation piece in the Majors

Grades (Current): FB 60 | SL 45 | CB 45 | CH 40 | CMD 35 
Grades (Ceiling): FB 65 | SL 55 | CB 50+ | CH 45 | CMD 45
Grades (Probable): FB 65 | SL 50+ | CB 50 | CH 40 | CMD 45

Ceiling: #4 Starter    Floor: Middle reliever/Set-up RP   ETA: 2018

6'2" 190 lbs.  L/R
Videos: Credits to Roger Munter, anewman14 and Wilson Karaman

The body: Lean, muscular frame that is very athletic, quick twitch elements, has projection but will not likely to add more in his frame; close to above average raw power with some projection remaining.

The swing: Loose in the box, fairly wide stance, hands are lower in Richmond at armpit level and the bat is more perpendicular to the plate; slow leg kick closes himself, loads his hands at the first half of the leg kick, slightly drags his front leg at the second half of the leg kick while rotating and tilting his torso that loads his backside, shifts his weight forward; even though it has loft, the swing is more of line drive, very good bat speed, strong wrists allows him to adjust his swing, great eye and understanding of the zone, can swing freely at times, some bat wrap, has done a very good job in flattening his swing; raw power doesn't translate well in his swing, will need to adjust his approach but will be better as all fields gap hitter, has pull homer power; varying finish in his swing.

The other tools: Plus-plus raw speed (3.88 seconds home to 1B) that allows him to excellent range in the field and potential great base stealing threat, pretty slow starter at first that limits his current base stealing potential and needs polish; nice defensive actions, speed fits perfectly at center, athleticism shows, plus arm with great carry in his throws.

The bottom line: Duggar's mouth-watering tools are starting to show especially with the emergence of his offense. His defense is already great at center and if he improves his base stealing and more power in his swing, his ceiling is as good as anyone.

Grades (Current): Hit 45 | Power 35 | Speed 60 | Arm 60 | Glove 45
Grades (Ceiling): Hit 55 | Power 50+ | Speed 70 | Arm 60 | Glove 55+
Grades (Probable): Hit 50+ | Power 40 | Speed 70 | Arm 60 | Glove 50+

Ceiling: Above-average regular     Floor: Everyday player/bench guy     ETA: 2017/2018

Matt Gage  LHP
6'2" 205 lbs.  R/L
Videos: Credits to 1 and 2

The body: Massive frame, pretty stocky, big thighs, legs and torso capable of handling 100+ innings, intimidating presence, no projection left.

The mechanics: Deceptive mechanics; semi-windup with his leg kick reaching to his chest, glove just above the knee at peak of leg kick, closes his body; throws across his body, leans his front body, front side flies open but does a good job of staying back especially his back side, arm action is not pretty but is pretty clean due to his release point, shows the ball to second base, hides the ball in his body very well; rotation of front leg, arm is on time, utilizes several release points from true sidewind to low 3/4 to true 3/4 release points, does a good job or keeping his momentum towards the plate, slow arm speed, clean finish; can repeat his mechanics at a good rate, has good feel for it.

The stuff: High-80s fastball with very good sinking action, deception plays up, has a four-seamer, slider is best secondary pitch with sharp, slurvy movement at best to straight downwards movement, shown a good looking changeup with similar arm speed as fastball but slows his momentum in the end; has feel for his pitches and can command his fastball and slider, possible above average command.

The bottom line: Gage is a big pitcher with mediocre velocity but the movement of his sinker and slider with a serviceable change gives him a chance to start at the next level.

Grades (Current): FB 45 | SL 45+ | CH 40 | CMD 45+ 
Grades (Ceiling): FB 45 | SL 55 | CH 45 | CMD 55
Grades (Probable): FB 45 | SL 55 | CH 45 | CMD 55

Ceiling: #5 Starter    Floor: AAAA reliever  ETA: 2017/2018

C.J. Hinojosa  MIF/3B
5'10" 175 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to minorleaguebaseball and Quinn Barry

The body: Compact and mature frame, athletic, no projection remaining; average raw power.

The swing: Loose in the box, fairly wide stance, crouched but torso stays perpendicular at the plate, hands at chest level, slightly closed; uses a double tap to load, bends in his front knee slightly, pulls his bat back and up with his hands on head level, crouches his torso while pulling his whole backside back; good bat speed, good feel for the barrel, line drive swing with some loft, strong wrists controls the bat well, generates loud contact often, has a good eye at the plate, adjusts his body well, direct path to the ball; more of a front foot hitter, will fare better as a gap to gap sprayer than a true homer threat; two handed finish or similar finish to Christian Arroyo.

The other tools: Below average speed, will not be a base stealing threat, lack of raw speed might limit him at short but he got soft hands, smooth actions and strong arm to fit in the position, might move to second or third in the next level.

The bottom line: Hinojosa's tools might not scream out of the gate and he might not be a true shortstop but his overall baseball instincts allows his tools to play better. 

Grades (Current): Hit 40 | Power 30 | Speed 40 | Arm 55 | Glove 40
Grades (Ceiling): Hit 50 | Power 45 | Speed 40 | Arm 55 | Glove 50
Grades (Probable): Hit 50 | Power 40 | Speed 40 | Arm 55 | Glove 50

Ceiling: Everyday regular     Floor: AAAA player    ETA: 2018

Rodolfo Martinez  RHP
6'2" 180 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to Roger Munter 1 and 2 

The body: Improved body, lean but muscular frame, doesn't have a big torso but big legs and thighs, pretty athletic.

The mechanics: Semi-windup with quick pitch option or full set position with slide step option; rocks his body back with his high leg kick, leans on his back leg resulting to a pretty imbalance position at peak of leg kick, drop and drive, really drives on his back leg, might be driving too hard at times, arm reaches back, body stays closed during drive, arm action is wide and powerful, elbow stays below or in line with shoulders; massive hip-shoulder separation, very good arm speed, explosive hips, true 3/4 release point, some downhill; massive energy explosion causes him to fall off or spin off the mound; has trouble repeating mechanics due to overthrowing, can be toned down.

The stuff: Mid to high-90s fastball that can reach up to 102 MPH in June but fell down to 92-96 MPH in AFL possibly due to arm fatigue, good tailing movement adds more deception, fastball plays well high, changeup is best secondary pitch that flashes above-average, split like movement in high-80s and fastball arm speed, slider is below average currently but flashes average break; has troubles locating his pitches but can spot his fastball from time to time, has troubles locating his slider than change more often.

The bottom line: Martinez is a fireballer with similar problem as the other fireballers that didn't make it: locating his pitches. His fastball-change combo should be enough to get hitters out.

Grades (Current): FB 70 | CH 45 | SL 35 | CMD 35+ 
Grades (Ceiling): FB 80 | CH 55 | SL 45 | CMD 45
Grades (Probable): FB 80 | CH 50+ | SL 40 | CMD 40+

Ceiling: Set-up reliever/Closer    Floor: Organization pitcher   ETA: 2018/2019

Chris Shaw 1B/DH
6'4" 235 lbs.  R/R
Videos: Credits to Roger Munter and Wilson Karaman

The body: Massive body and frame, big torso and an even bigger lower half, average athlete, no projection, plus-plus raw power.

The swing: Quiet at the box, wide base, slightly open, fairly crouched, textbook stance in the box, hands are lower in Richmond at shoulder level than in San Jose with bat more upright; closes body with small leg lift, body loads slightly, pulls back his bat; average bat speed with natural sweeping loft in it, will have troubles catching to high fastballs, arching bat path, has good awareness of the zone and good approach at the plate, slight bat wrap, doesn't really incorporate his raw power in his swing well but ball jumps when he makes good contact due to raw strength, utilizes all field approach, improving his bat plane will work wonders.

The other tools: Catcher like speed at best, limited range and mobility at first base and hands are pretty stiff, will need more reps at first to improve, good arm strength but will be limited to first long-term.

The bottom line: Shaw is a power masher capable of hitting homers anywhere with his fluid stroke but his swing path is a bit problematic and his speed limits him to first where he's a average at best defender.

Grades (Current): Hit 40 | Power 55 | Speed 20 | Arm 55 | Glove 30
Grades (Ceiling): Hit 50 | Power 70 | Speed 20 | Arm 55 | Glove 45
Grades (Probable): Hit 45 | Power 60+ | Speed 20 | Arm 55 | Glove 40+

Ceiling: Above-average 1B     Floor: DH     ETA: 2018

Andrew Suarez  LHP
6'2" 205 lbs.  L/L
Videos: Credits to Jheremy Brown and FanGraphs

The body: Mature frame capable of handling multiple innings, athletic actions on the mound.

The mechanics: Semi-windup, closes his body with his leg kick, rotates closed, has very good balance; rotates in his drive, arm is loose, hides the ball in his body very well, nice long extension, elbow is lower than the shoulder plane at front foot strike but his arm is late that can cause injury; good hip rotation and good arm speed, releases the ball at high 3/4 slot, nice follow through and finish; has overall good feel for his mechanics and repeats it very well.

The stuff: High-80s to low-90s fastball with a four-seam, two-seam with good sinking movement and cutter with good late cut, slider that flashes above-average with late, two-plane break that draws swings and misses, low to mid-80s changeup also flashes above-average with sinking movement and fastball arm action, curveball flashes above-average break and shape but is slightly inconsistent; has great feel for his stuff and for mixing pitches and working counts, above-average to plus command potential.

The bottom line: Suarez mixes his good assortment of secondary pitches with slightly deceptive mechanics and command makes him a true Major League quality starter.

Grades (Current): FB 50 | SL 50 | CH 50 | CB 45 | CMD 45+ 
Grades (Ceiling): FB 55 | SL 55 | CH 50+ | CB 50+ | CMD 55
Grades (Probable): FB 55 | SL 55 | CH 50+ | CB 50 | CMD 55

Ceiling: #4 Starter    Floor: Middle reliever   ETA: 2017

That ends the Richmond reports. I hope you enjoyed reading them! I have an important announcement coming up so I hope you kind readers will take notice!


  1. Arroyo could be ready by the break.Turner believes he will be a plus defender at 3B.Plus bat,plus D at 3B.Could be another potential all-star.Possible batting title winner.It's going to be nice seeing Beede take a jump after working w/Posey at the MLB level.Cole has a tough road ahead of him.Slater has really solidified his spot on the depth chart.In my mind.Has moved past Parker/Williamson.Maybe with a good season in Sac.Cole can move ahead of Parker/Williamson.His swing could be better suited for big league ball.Parker/Williamson are obviously better defenders.Coonrod's arsenal and pitching style remind me of Cain's.Had a good year in 16'.Should have a good year in 17' playing in AAA.You called it.Duggar being Giants minor league breakout player.Duffy style bat(.300 avg),plus speed,plus CF,plus arm, and really competitive.Don't know that much about Gage.Blach's rise could be big motivation for him.Turner like's Hinojosa to stay at SS.Sky's the limit for Hinojosa.It all depends on how well he trains in the off season.If he gets stronger.We'll really start to see the upside of his bat.And,his defensive tools.If Rodolpho starts the season as closer in AA.That's a good sign.Not too worried about velo drop.Shaw had a bad half in Richmond.according to Turner,it had to do w/Shaw pressing.That's expected from a young player.Should see a disciplined Shaw this year.Suarez is another guy that is shedding his old college body.And,we're staring to see his ability.You mentioned players you might have left out.Chase Johnson,and Bednar.Peace Wrenzie.

    1. Nice thoughts on the guys but the spacing was kind of messed up. I think it's the Blogger's fault because you replied well spaced comments haha but I agree with the points you made and I'm excited for the top guys.

      I think Chase has lost his luster but has served well in the pen. It's just that his secondary stuff has receded too much I think or it's just not good enough.

      Crick I think is just done. I'm probably one of his biggest critics but unless he has proven he can lower his walks to a modest rate, he'll never have a positive review on me.

      Thank you again for congratulating me on Twitter! I hope I do well there (Bradley Enos brought that good stuff right off the gate while I didn't even publish one I guess).